Boogie – Soho feat. JID

Boogie Soho
Boogie Soho

Boogie Soho

SoHo is in Manhattan, but J.I.D. and Boogie drop LA references throughout the song, leading me to believe they may be referencing Soho House in West Hollywood. “Soho” is produced by James Teej, who laces the banger with a futuristic trailing synth. The beat switches at the end, and mellows out for Boogie to drop introspective bars about his own fears.

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Quotable Lyrics
Uh, don’t force my hand
I’m forced to squeeze
Unfortunately, I’m forced to clean the earth
And feed my seed with dreams that’s been through dirt, fuck
Uh, I’m forced to chain
My course, I’m cursed, of course remorse is gone
I seen my bros get turned to corpse
I’m forced to see em’ using force and still they’re free in court, uh


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