Desiigner – TOOT

Desiigner TOOT
Desiigner TOOT

Desiigner TOOT

Desiigner TOOT Moving away from his usual boisterous energy, Designer slows things down here and croons about the ladies riding his dick like a “toot toot.” It’s unclear at the moment if this will see life on his upcoming New English 2 project or not, but we’ll take it.

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Take a listen to the TrackSmith-produced song below and share. Download Desiigner TOOT Mp3 below.

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[Verse 1]
Chocolate milk, she like Yoo-hoo
I eat her pussy, taste like sweet juice
I like when pussy taste like peach fruit
Yeah, bend it over, make it toot, toot
She suck my dick, she don’t need food
The way that she suck me is so good
She suck my dick like she from the hood
And I lick it up like I’m from the woods
We having sex all night, like we animals
You play my cross up, you know I’ma danimal
I ain’t your buddy, you callin’ me [?]
Throw it back, make it toot, toot



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