How To Make $100 Quickly

Hello Everyone i’m Ijeoma Isibor

I want to let you in on how you can make $100(36500 Naira) by just refereeing your friends to sign up on a network, you do not need to pay any dime to anybody its not like LOOM.

Incase you do not know loom, it is a help to get kind of system where one opens a cycle and gets paid and spreads the tree so others get paid too. If the cycle gets weak the last batch of users loose their money especially if they are weak in looking for people to expand the circle or the king loomer decides to quit.

However i am not here to bore you with stories. The program i want to introduce you to is MyPRTO, a form of affiliate marketing (Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts) by using your social media pages.

Here is How To Make $100 Quickly

Click Here to Join the Road to $100

  • When You click on the link above it takes you to the website and shows like this on the image below:

  • you would click on sign up for free

  • Fill the form  (you do not need to confirm email cause they do not send a confirmation mail)
  • You make your first $1 by clicking on a  task
  • when you complete the task you get credited on your dashboard
  • if you are lazy like i was when i started the program i only refereed people
  • for every referal you get $0.5
  • To Make $100(=$0.5 * 200 persons that sign up)

How Do You Withdraw your $100

MyPRTO – the affiliate program specializing in work with financial platforms of the whole world. They Offer all payment methods and if you are in Nigeria you can use your visa and master card by going to the withdrawal on your dashboard.

You can only withdraw once you get to $80