Pink – ​Can We Pretend (feat. Cash Cash)

Pink ​Can We Pretend
Pink ​Can We Pretend

Pink ​Can We Pretend

Pink ​Can We Pretend mp3 download. “Can We Pretend” boasts a euphoric EDM pop beat filled with thumping drums and gooey synths. Pink balances the feel-good vibes with a hit of nostalgia as she sings about the thrilling early days of a relationship in a way that suggest the present isn’t holding up so well.

I remember conversations
We were dancing up on tables
Taking pictures when we had nowhere to post
You were laughing, I was crying
We were dancing, we were dying
Sometimes I don’t know why we walked away

If I’m honest, what I liked were the things we didn’t know
Every morning, every night, I’d be beating down your door
Just to tell you what I’m thinking, but you’d already know
Screw this, I don’t wanna let go


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