Regina Daniels and her mother are no different from Yahoo Boys

Fan trolls Regina Daniels, says she and her mother are no different from Yahoo Boys.
As of late, Nollywood on-screen character Regina Daniels has worked up the hearts of numerous Nigerians with the contentions that have encompassed her of late. The latest being her supposed marriage to Nigerian agent Ned Nwoko.

This announced union has produced a considerable amount of reactions from Nigerians.Several of the remarks coordinated at Regina have been gone for denouncing her, without a doubt. Many have declared that she was doing the wrong thing by taking part in an association with a man that was mature enough to be her dad.

As of late, a man said something regarding the specific issue. The individual recognized as @amferdinand on Instagram pummeled Regina Daniels. Be that as it may, he didn’t simply assault the woman, he likewise hauled her mom into his remark.

This individual contrasted Regina Daniels and her mom with yippee young men. As indicated by him, the main distinction between the entertainer, her mother and these web fraudsters is the utilization of a laptop.This affront was flung at Regina Daniels and her mom in light of a post shared by the on-screen character.

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In the post, she was looking excellent as ever. In a straightforward flower clothing and low fro, Regina Daniels staggered perfectly. While many valued her excellence, @amferdinand figured it great to state what he thinks about her and her mom.



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