Skepta – Pure Water

Skepta Pure Water
Skepta Pure Water

Skepta Pure Water

Skepta’s latest single, “Pure Water” has arrived and it’s one of the first solo records we’ve heard from him in a minute. The latest song continues to show why Skepta is one of the leading artists in U.K.’s grime scene. His direct delivery on the track compliments the minimal and smooth production. It’s unsure whether this is meant to serve as a single for a forthcoming project but hopefully, it’s a sign we get new Skepta album at some point this year.

Quotable Lyrics
Skepta Pure Water. They say they lookin’ for the top boy,
Must’ve been lookin’ for me,
Well who’s askin’?
I clocked the game, I’m still barrin’,
Please don’t speak to me when I’m dancin’
Everyday they pray that I fall off,
I’m poppin’ up like ‘whats gwannin’?’
They say your girl is a gun,
So your man walkin’ with his wife and I disarm ’em


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