Tinashe – Link Up

Tinashe Link Up
Tinashe Link Up

Tinashe Link Up

Tinashe Link Up was originally slated to be a part of Tinashe’s summer 2018 project “Nashe”. The project has been shelved indefinitely by RCA Records, as confirmed by the project’s executive producer, Hitmaka, on August 5, 2018.

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[Verse 1]
Tinashe Link Up Windows tinted, presidential, fuck a limo
Nashe pull up at the club, change the tempo
Me fuckin’ with you, not my M.O
Make a scene, made a couple magazines
In yo face, bitch, this ain’t Maybelline
Rafaello, VVS, bling bling
Head coach, I might put you on the team


[Instrumental Break]



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