Tory Lanez – What Happened To The Kids

Tory Lanez – What Happened To The Kids

Tory Lanez Drops a new song titled ‘What Happened To The Kids‘.

Tory Lanez is comes through with a message on his latest single, “What Happened To The Kids.”

The video sheds lights on social media beefs, black on black crime, tensions and violence against innocent bystanders. When the outcome of violence results in an innocent child being shot and killed, the video rewinds presenting an alternative ending, influeced by an OG, and showing what the outcome is of a much wiser decision made.

“What Happened To The Kids”

What happened to the kids?
A bunch of fucked up shit that happened where we lived
Niggas braggin’ and pro backing it at the crib, yeah
I was throwin’ blows, toe taggin’ it at the crib, yeah
Fightin’ niggas older than me
My older brother said he won’t defend me
I’m like, “Fuck it, nigga, don’t defend me”
I know the Lord sent me
I sense Jehova in me every time my soul is empty

Download Tory Lanez What Happened To The Kids Self-hatred what they taught us
And look at all the shit it brought us
Mothers, daughters, sons, and sisters all in coffins
And what we got to show? Somebody that’s recordin’ nigga
Mental illness at an all-time high
We so caught up in the ‘Gram, tryna be all-time fly
So much, you can’t even show up in the same clothes
Somebody always lurkin’, they clockin’ your same pose
Callin’ all women hoes, you know how the sayin’ goes
Everywhere I go, I see the same hoes
But that’s the same shit I’m sayin’, don’t save souls
Am I a hypocrite for sayin’ them same roles
I’m tryna change life, change mines, and change yours
But bitch, I’m only human, I fall in the same toes sometimes Tory Lanez What Happened To The Kids mp3 download



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